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AP and IB Exam Schedules

Below is the AP and IB Exam schedule for May 2020. Time, and location of  exams will be specified shortly. Late AP exams are also listed and have only been ordered for students who have an AP exam during another AP/IB exam. 

You can also find a printable PDF of the following calendar in the left column.

2020 Exam Schedule
PHS 2020 Exam Schedule
IB Exam Procedures

ap exam times

As our students have started taking their AP exams at PHS, please make note of the start times of each AP exam. College Board does assign the start times of the exams and we are required to administer at the time they have provided us with.

With that said, the morning exams begin at 8:00 am. Please be sure your student is on time!

More importantly, the afternoon exams do not begin until 12:00 pm. Most exams are around 3 hours long and when we include the directions, breaks, passing out and picking up materials, almost every exam will go past 3:10. For days that your student will be AP testing in the afternoon, please know that they will be getting out of the exam past 3:10. A lot of our underclassmen ride the bus so it is important to plan for a different ride home that day other than the bus.

ap exam attendance

You may be getting a phone call stating that your student was absent for one or more classes. This may happen a few days throughout the month of May, please don't be alarmed by this as it will be modified.
When students are out of class for testing (EOCs, AP exams, and IB exams) they will be marked absent from their traditional classes. Once we get the attendance from each testing room, all students that were present for testing that day will have their attendance coded as TST in focus, meaning they are excused from that class due to testing. 

final exams

As we approach the end of the school year, our students are beginning to prepare for their final exams. We would like to remind you that per district policy, students must be present in school and take their final exams on the assigned days. For extenuating circumstances where a student is absent on an exam day, they must make that exam up after the scheduled exam, as we can not give early exams.