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Club Listing

PHS Club List
 Academic Team  Lisette Guttery & 
 Charles Allen
 Mondays and Thursdays,
 Rm 19
 AFJROTC  Master Sergeant
 Carnley &
 Colonel Guilbeault
 Amnesty International  Jacob Hill  Every Other Monday, Rm 63  3:15-4:30pm
 Bracelets For Backpacks  Blevins Rose  Thursdays, Rm 45  3:15-4pm
 Cinemaniacs  Dr. Tanya Mason  3rd Monday of the Month,
 Rm 13
 Creative Writing  Georgana Christley  Every other Tuesday, Rm 3  3:15-4:15pm
 Crochet for the Homeless  Jordan Johns  Tuesdays, Rm 203  3:15-4pm
 Drama Club (International
 Thespian Society)
 Autumn McConnico  Wednesdays, Rm 95  3:15-4:30pm
 Engineering Team  Karen Bruening &
 Lora James
 Tuesdays and Thursdays, 
 Rm 61 and Workshop
 Tuesdays 3:30-4:30pm
 Thursdays 4:00 - 5:00 pm
 National English Honor
 Dr. Tanya Mason  1st Monday of the Month,
 Rm 13
 Entre Soeurs Club  Michael Jones  Wednesdays as needed, 
 Rm 60
 Cemetery Saturdays,
 Environmental Club  Dawn Parnell  Mondays, Rm 202  3:15-4pm
 Fellowship of Christian
 Athletes (FCA)
 Kerry Clarke  Fridays, Rm 509  8-8:20am
 French National Honor
 Andres Garcia  Every other Friday,
 Rm 33
 Future Business
 Leaders of America
 Jacob Hill  2nd and 4th Thursday of the Month
 (Officer and General), 
 Media Center
 Gaming Club  Erin Albrecht  Fridays, Rm 19  3:15-4pm
 Garden Club  Dawn Parnell  Mondays, Rm 202  3:15-4pm
 Gay Straight Alliance  Lisette Guttery  1st Friday of the Month,
 Rm 19
 Homeless Pets of
 Dawn Parnell  Mondays, Rm 202  3:15-4pm
 HOSA  Megan Vallance  Last Friday of the Month,
 Rm 104
 IB Ambassadors  Tanner Hodges  Alternating Tuesdays
 Rm 36
 Improv to Improve  Lisette Guttery  Fridays, Rm 19  3:15-4pm
 Thelma Mullin &
 Jacob Hill
 1st Thursday of the Month, 
 Rm 44
 Key Club  Gloria Eligio  Wednesdays  3:15-4pm
 Leo Club  Jordan Johns  Fridays, Rm 203  3:15-4pm
 Mane Attraction  Ivy Watkins  1st and 3rd
 Wednesdays of the month,
 Rm 42
 Medical Debt Relief  Suzanne Ryals  Wednesdays, Rm 26  3:15-4pm
 Mock Trial Team  Lisette Guttery  Tuesday and Wednesdays, Rm 19  3:15-4:30pm
 Multicultural Club  Jacob Hill  3rd Thursday of the Month Rm 63  3:15-4:30pm
 Mu Alpha Theta  Dr. Holly Renaud  Fridays, Rm 41  3:15-4pm
 National Art Honor
 Andrea Cain  Thursdays, Rm 105A  3:15-4:30pm
 National Honor Society  Suzanne Ryals  2nd Monday of the Month,  
 Photography Club (f/64)  Scott
 Tuesdays, Rm 80  3:15-4:15pm
 Rho Kappa  Mike Jones  Wednesdays as needed, Rm 60  3:15-4pm
 Save the Children  Jenn Klein  Rm 31  TBA
 Science National Honor
 Lora James  1st Monday of the Month, Rm 58  7:45-8:15am
 Science Olympiad Club  Cherie Stephens  Wednesday every week, Rm 201  3:15pm-end
 SGA (Student
 Jordan Johns  Daily
 Other Meetings as Needed
 Class Time
 Table Tennis Club  Mike Jones  Mondays, Fricker Center  3:30-5pm
 Ultimate Frisbee
 Mike Jones  Fridays, Designated Field  3:30-4:30pm
 Yearbook  James Prince  Daily   Class Time
 Young Artists
 Andrea Cain  Thursdays, Rm 105A  3:15-4:30pm