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C.A. Weis Elementary Community School Awarded Dollar General Literacy Grant
Posted 9/21/21

C.A. Weis Elementary Community School has been awarded a Dollar General Literacy Grant in the amount of $2,500. This grant will fund the school’s Rally Reluctant Readers Project and will assist with Weis’s Schoolwide Reading Plan. 


“Our school will be able to purchase high-interest books for the library,” stated Weis Media Specialist Jennifer Kemp. “We are targeting the interests of students who are reading below grade level and struggle or who have have lost an interest in reading.” 


The goal of this project is to encourage reluctant readers by stocking library shelves with books which students are excited about and will enjoy reading. C.A. Weis administration wants to promote a love for reading across the entire school community.


“When students struggle with grade-level text, reading becomes a chore. If we can help students realize that reading is enjoyable, then they will hopefully read more books and develop a love for reading,” stated C.A. Weis Principal Dr. Kimberly Thomas. “There is a strong correlation with reading and long-term student academic success. What we do know is that strong reading skills are critical for our students.”  


Media Specialist Jennifer Kemp has made it a schoolwide focus to promote and highlight students’ reading growth. One innovative example is her Monday morning news show segment, “Taco ‘Bout Reading.”


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