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World Languages Department

lanugage courses at phs

Traditional Core Courses:

Spanish 1 and 2

Spanish 3 - 6 Honors

French 1 and 2

French 3 - 6 Honors

IB Language Courses:

Pre-IB Spanish 1 and 2 and Spanish Ab-Initio

IB Spanish 3 and 4B

IB Spanish 5B and 6

Pre-IB French 1 and 2

IB French 3 and 4B

IB French 5B and 6


world languages department faculty


Andres Garcia


World Languages Department Chair

Pre-IB Spanish, IB Spanish, IB French Teacher


Bachelors of Arts in Modern Languages

Bachelors of Arts in Music

Masters of Arts in Piano Performance


Elizabeth Bu-Zuniga


Spanish and Spanish Honors Teacher


Bachelor of Arts

Masters of Arts

Roxanne Quiquerez


Spanish, French, and Pre-IB French Teacher


Bachelor of Arts

Dr. Janny Crespo-Grow


Pre-IB Spanish Teacher


Bachelor of Arts

Master of Arts

Doctorate of Education in Curriculum and Instruction


Barbara Haley


Spanish, Spanish Honors, and IB Spanish Teacher


Bachelor of Arts