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History & Social Studies Department

history & Social studies courses at phs

Traditional Core Courses:

Pre-AP Geography/World History and AP World History

US History, US History Honors, and AP US History

US Government and AP US Government & Politics

Economics with Financial Literacy and AP Macroeconomics


IB History Courses:

IB Contemporary History 

IB Geography






Advanced History and Elective Courses:

AP Human Geography

AP European History

Psychology 1 & 2

AP Psychology

African American History


attention us history students!!

Join the US History Virtual EOC Boot Camp! 

Google Classroom Code: m6rp3jf

You'll complete a series of review tasks to prepare you for SUCCESS on the US History Semester Exam!

Busy with after school activities or work? No Problem!

These review activities can be done anytime between December 14 - January 5. 

If you fully complete all review assignments on time, you'll get a free pizza lunch!!

Questions? Email Mrs. Kerr @


History department faculty 


Michael (James) Jones


Social Studies Department Chair

ESC, Table Tennis, Ultimate Frisbee, Rho Kappa Sponsor

AP World History, AP European History, IB Contemporary History Teacher


PHS Alumni

Bachelor of Arts 

Master of Education


Emily Davidson


Pre-AP World History Honors, Economics and AP Macroeconomics Teacher


Bachelors of Science in Economics


James Ramey


Head Swim Coach

African American History and                                           AP Human Geography Teacher


Bachelor of Arts

Masters in Social Studies Education


Thelma (Sue) Mullin


US History and IB Geography Teacher


Bachelor of Arts

Masters in Education

Victoria Bush


US History & English 3 Teacher


Bachelor of Arts


Glenn Havlina


ESOL English 2 & 3, ESOL World History & US History, and 12th grade Reading Teacher


Bachelor of Arts in Sociology/English 


Sarah Kerr


US History Honors, US Government, and AP US Government & Politics Teacher


Bachelor of Arts

Juris Doctorate of Law


William B. Rose


US History and AP US History Teacher


Bachelor of Arts