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Course Registration 2021-2022

Choose an Acadamy

                                                                                              current PHS students:

Students currently enrolled at PHS- open your course card below for grades 10, 11, and 12.  Paper copies of the course card are also available at the Dean's table in the cafeteria, in the guidance office, and in the front lobby.

Then, visit your grade level google classroom to upload your course card selection to your counselor for review.  (Alternatively, you can drop your course card off at the guidance office or the front office for remote students)

Grade Level Google Classroom Codes:   

Upcoming Seniors = ljnirx6      Upcoming Juniors: 4vsbewb      Upcoming Sophomores: 47gjk3t

Your counselor will visit your classes over the next few weeks to finalize your course selections for 2021-2022 school year.  

You should be able to view your selections in FOCUS by the end of February.  

                                                                                                        'future freshmen' students:      

Students, please join our Future Freshmen Google Classroom using your school google account.

 Join Code   =    l6m4upe                      (parents, we can include you once your student has enrolled)

There, you will find an assignment titled "Course Registration Card 2021-2022" and instructions on how to view and upload your course registration cards.   You can also open and view the course card at the link below.


Please upload your course card selection into the assignment by February 19, 2021 - or drop it off at PHS.


PHS Counselors will virtually 'visit' the middle schools on the following dates to answer questions about the registration process:

Bailey: 2/8/21

Bellview: 2/9/21

Warrington: 2/15/21

Workman: 2/16/21

Brown Barge; 2/19/21

*If your school is not scheduled here, your 8th grade counselor will help you with your course registration card.

                                                                                                        ib and pre-ib students

Please click the link below to access the IB registration website, including the Pre-IB and IB course cards and registration information.